A new Saratoga study on the way

 Well, just when I’d been griping about the gaping holes in Revolutionary War historiography, some great news comes along.  Savas-Beatie is bringing out a detailed work on Saratoga.  Like SB’s Yorktown volume, this latest offering is the product of years of research in both archives and on the ground by a former National Park Service scholar. 

This is a publisher that knows how to find and nurture good, solid manuscripts.  They recently published the late Edward Cunningham’s acclaimed Shiloh dissertation, which I highly recommend.  The forthcoming Saratoga book looks to be another must-read.



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3 responses to “A new Saratoga study on the way

  1. TPS

    Dear Michael

    Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to comment on our forthcoming “Saratoga: The Decisive Campaign of the American Revolution,” by Jphn Luzader. We are very excited about it, and hope you enjoy it. Please always feel free to leave any comments or observations you might have on our blog.

    Also, thanks for your kind words on the other titles we have published. We deeply appreciate knowing you are out there.

    Best Regards,

    Theodore P. Savas
    Savas Beatie LLC
    989 Governor Drive, Suite 102
    El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
    916.941.6896 (Voice)
    916-941.6895 (Fax)

    Join us online for some publishing blogspeak at http://www.savasbeatie.blogspot.com and http://savasbeatiemarketing.blogspot.com/

  2. mlynchhistory

    Thanks for your comment! I’m looking forward to reading the Saratoga book.

    Michael Lynch

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