New exhibit examines Lincoln the icon

The folks at the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum in Harrogate, TN have unveiled their latest exhibit, an exploration of the ways advertisers, filmmakers, politicians, and practically everyone have invoked Lincoln in the decades since his death.  “Lincoln in Memory: The 16th President in Personal and Cultural Recollections” relies heavily on original material from the museum’s vast holdings to illustrate Lincoln’s role as a cultural icon.

I got the chance to see this exhibit when it was under construction, and it was a rather surprising experience.  I worked at the ALLM as a student intern and later as a staff member, so I’m pretty familiar with the collection, but this exhibit includes quite a few items that were new to me.  It’s an impressive assemblage of Lincolniana: movie posters, original pop art, ads, calendars, propaganda, etc.

A brief description of the exhibit is available here at the museum’s website.  I strongly recommend a visit.  The ALLM has one of the finest Lincoln/Civil War collections anywhere, and it’s just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.

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