Can’t see the forest for the–um, Forrest

The debate over whether to change the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School in Jacksonville, FL (discussed in this post) is over, at least for now.  Yesterday the Duval County School Board voted to leave things be.  Here’s a news story with the gritty details.

From the above-mentioned news item: “The board listened to passionate arguments from those on both sides.  More than 140 people crowded into the meeting room, with another 20 watching the meeting on a television in the lobby.”  Sounds like a matter of pressing importance.  Meanwhile, the school “has received two consecutive ‘F’ grades on state assessment tests.”



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3 responses to “Can’t see the forest for the–um, Forrest

  1. eljoe1235

    Rumor has it that the neighboring Malcolm X High School has advocated using any means necessary to overcome the Nathan Beford Forrest High Fighting Clansmen. 😉

    As with Triumph the dog, I keed, I keed.


  2. mlynchhistory

    Har! That’s a good one. You know, this school controversy has been great for my blog traffic. Here’s hoping for another flare-up!


  3. This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

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