Guilford Courthouse study on the way, and it’s about time

One of the most critical battles of the Revolutionary War was the brutal face-off between the armies of Nathanael Greene and Lord Cornwallis at Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina on March 15, 1781.  It was a pivotal engagement, a Pyrrhic victory that crippled the British army and contributed to Greene’s reconquest of South Carolina and the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

I’ve looked long and hard for a full-length, documented account of this battle and I’ve never been able to find one.  That’s why I was thrilled to discover that a new one will be available this March, courtesy of UNC Press: Long, Obstinate, and Bloody: The Battle of Guilford Courthouse, by Lawrence Babits and Joshua Howard.  Babits is also the author of an incredibly detailed book on the Battle of Cowpens, in which he used intensive research to clear up quite a few misconceptions, providing us with a clearer understanding of that event than ever before.  I can’t wait to see what he and Howard have uncovered about one of the unduly-neglected battles of the decisive Southern Campaign.



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6 responses to “Guilford Courthouse study on the way, and it’s about time

  1. I’m tickled to hear this. I was so disappointed by the lack of anything detailed on one of my favorite battles that I was actually toying with tackling the project myself even though I’m a Civil War guy. Babits did a great job with Cowpens, so I have every reason to believe that this book will be just as good.

    Thanks for the great news, Michael.


  2. mlynchhistory

    No problem! Thanks for your comment.

    Michael Lynch

  3. Glad you announced this book on your blog. We here in North Carolina who are interested in the American Revolution have been anxiously awaiting the release of this book. Babits and Howard are both excellent historians and I’m sure this book will not disappoint!

    Andrew Duppstadt

  4. mlynchhistory

    If the Cowpens book by Babits is any indication, then we’re in for a real treat. Thanks for your comment!

    Michael Lynch

  5. Mark Moore

    I created the battle maps for this book, working with Josh (who conveniently occupies the office next to mine). Josh gave me an autographed copy recently, and it’s a thing of beauty.

    A number of Troiani illustrations . . . and a Keith Rocco painting was used for the cover.

    Looking forward to reading it.

    Mark M.

  6. mlynchhistory

    I’m looking forward to it, too! Thanks for your comment.


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