How can I get a job like this?

Check out this story from Civil War News about the Rev. Alan Farley, “one of the few full-time reenacting preachers and certainly the one who has been doing it the longest.”

I didn’t know there were any full-time reenacting preachers, but Farley’s been doing it for two and a half decades.

During the 225th anniversary of the Battle of King’s Mountain, the park hosted a whole weekend of activities.  By Sunday morning, most of the crowd had trickled away, but those of us intrepid enough to turn out early got to hear an eighteenth-century backcountry sermon by an ordained minister in authentic clothing.  (I’m pretty sure the guy officiating had a regular job at a twenty-first century church.)  It was a real treat, and if you’re ever at an event that has something like this, I recommend it.

My only question is, if reenacting preachers are full-time, then why do the soldiers have to go back to work on Mondays?

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