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A profusion of links

If you’ll kindly direct your attention to the right side of your screen, you’ll notice a profusion of new links where before there was only a blogroll. 

I used to swear to myself that I wouldn’t add any other categories of history-related websites, simply because there are so many fine ones out there.  Lately, however, I’ve decided to show my support for and share my interest in some of these worthy historical entities by providing you folks with easy access to them here, should you decide to pay them a visit.

As you can see, I’ve added a link category for “Institutions, Organizations, and Resources” and another for “Museums and Historic Sites.”  The latter is pretty self-explanatory.  The former is for scholarly associations, state historical societies, archival repositories, preservation groups, and online historical publications and journals.  (Of course, some of the institutions in the first group have great museums of their own, but I’ve refrained from double-linking them, at least for now.) 

Some of these entities will be familiar, but I hope others will be something new and interesting for you.  It’s a safe bet that I’ll be adding more links as time goes on, to these new categories as well as the trusty ol’ blogroll.  Feel free to scroll through the lists and do some exploring.

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