Development is the gift that keeps on giving

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., that fount of prosperity for local economies besieged by nefarious preservationists, is cutting about a tenth of its Sam’s Club staff by firing member recruiters and outsourcing its in-store product demonstrations. 

On the bright side, the folks getting laid off “are invited to apply” for the outsourced jobs, and “the company will help them find opportunities” at its other locations.  

Those would include locations outside of the community looking forward to having those jobs when the store opened, I suppose.

That’s the thing about chain retail jobs.  They’re liable to just up and take a hike.  We’ll add this to the bulging file of reasons why trading historic ground for retail development might not be such a hot idea, just in case anybody responsible for making those decisions ever asks to see it.



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2 responses to “Development is the gift that keeps on giving

  1. Frances Hunter

    Excellent point. Once gone, the historic ground is gone forever. It’s especially short-sighted to trade it away for jobs that depend entirely on the vagaries of some retailer known entirely for selling goods cheaper than anybody else.

  2. Michael Lynch

    Yeah, one of the drawbacks of relying on an outside, corporate entity to create jobs is that you have no control over how long those jobs are around. I can understand that preservation is sometimes a sacrifice, but I hate to see ground lost when it does no lasting good anyway.


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