Gettysburg casino supporters

From Wikimedia Commons

…are employing the old “throw everything against a wall and see what sticks” tactic.  Check out their latest salvo on Eric Wittenberg’s blog, along with a level-headed response from the preservationists and Eric’s own assessment.

The casino supporters pound the usual emotional buttons.  Outsiders!  Lobbyists!  Jobs!  Economic impact!  All this is predictable, especially given the current financial climate. 

What isn’t predictable, and what’s actually pretty hilarious, is the pro-casino crowd’s allegation that preservationists are after nothing more than “to raise money for their own greed.”  I think the technical term for that is “psychological projection.”


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One response to “Gettysburg casino supporters

  1. I recently wrote an article for a Maine Newspaper on this disgusting proposal for a casino. Naive people think this is a good idea – even if it turns Gettysburg into a place for gamblers, drunk drivers and various hustlers who will run off the Boy Scouts and others who enjoy history more than the purr of slot machines and greed.

    A Korean Veteran wrote this below. He is right on !

    The obscene proposal to stick a gambling casino over or near the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg really plumbs the depths of tasteless debauchery…One step ahead of a nude dancing joint or two steps ahead of a brothel. How sick can those people be? I am a veteran of Korean Conflict (never went to Korea, as my duties involved MATS transport over Atlantic Ocean). I have paid a number of visits to Gettysburg…and I am in awe of what the men did there…It is hallowed ground for Union and Confederate troops and their countrymen. One of the greatest, if not THE greatest, bits of English (American) writing in the body of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was delivered there to honor the fallen. I can just see the Address inscribed on the wall of the casino entry…trading on the unparalleled feeling and honor directed at the fallen there. What a pitiful sight that would be! Please add my name to those horrified at the prospect of a gamblng casino near Gettysburg National Cemetery or Battlefield.

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