We’re off to the Midwest

Starting tomorrow, a longtime friend of mine is heading up to Quincy, Illinois for a week of software training, as required by his employer.  I’m not sure why he has to make a ten-hour drive to Quincy to do this.  Nor am I sure why it takes five days to learn how to use this software.  It’s a little unnerving. 

If you ask me, people should steer clear of any software that requires forty hours of training to use.  That’s the kind of software that’s too powerful for its own good.  It’s the kind that might eventually become self-aware and try to eliminate mankind by triggering an all-out nuclear exchange, hunting down the survivors with an army of ruthless machines, and sending cybernetic assassins back through time to take out the future leaders of the human resistance.

Anyway, since it’s a long drive, he asked me to ride up there and back with him, and being the compassionate sort of chum that I am, I said yes.  The problem is that between the riding up and the riding back, I’ve got five days to kill.

Fortunately, there are some nifty things to do in the vicinity, so this will give me the chance to do some historical sightseeing.  Quincy’s got quite a slate of museums and historic buildings.  The important early Mormon settlement of Nauvoo is less than fifty miles away, and it’s loaded with what look like some really fantastic sites. 

Basically, then, we’re looking at any number of possibilities resulting from this software training thing.  The best case scenario is that I’ll be able to use the hotel’s Wi-Fi to post a few museum/historic site reviews and explore some interesting aspects of Midwestern history.

The worst case scenario is something like this:

The suspense is killing me.  Stick around to see what happens.


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