Confederate submarines aren’t a bad investment

The AP has a progress report on the ongoing Hunley conservation project, which is about to finish its tenth year.  It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long to me, but come to think of it, I guess I was in high school when I heard Glenn McConnell (the SC state senator who’s helped push the effort) give a presentation to promote raising it from the bottom.

Note that although the project has cost $22 million (with about half of that funded by state and federal taxpayers) so far, it’s already helped generate much more than that for the Palmetto State. 

That baby is paying off, as good historic preservation generally does.



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4 responses to “Confederate submarines aren’t a bad investment

  1. I’ve read about the Hunley in recent days, Thanks for this.

    I am a teacher, a teacher of literature and writing. I also have a keen interest in history, particularly the Civil War. I believe that history and literature are married, one influencing the other. To that end, my blog strives to promote both history and literature. Please stop by and tell me what you think.

    Also, may I add your blog to my blogroll?

  2. Michael Lynch

    Sure, and in fact I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ll put your site on my blogroll, too; it’s pretty interesting.


  3. I mean “Here’s” – sorry.

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