Greetings from the Carolina backcountry

I’m sitting in a hotel room about thirty miles from my favorite place—King’s Mountain National Military Park.  I tagged along on a trip to southwestern North Carolina this weekend, dropped off my companions at their destination, and then hit the battlefield.  A good historical field trip always rouses up the blog muse, so I’ve got what I hope will be some interesting posts lined up.

In the coming days we’ll look at how the folks at King’s Mountain are using technology to interpret the battlefield.  I’m also heading to another historic site tomorrow, one that I’ve never visited before, which means one of my periodic site reviews will be popping up here.  I might end up doing some additional posts on the Revolutionary War in the southern backcountry, too.

Until then, I just finished an afternoon of historical sightseeing, I’ve got a full day of it planned for tomorrow, the wireless access here in the hotel is free, and there are two Mediterranean restaurants and a great used bookstore just down the street.  It doesn’t get any better than this.



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2 responses to “Greetings from the Carolina backcountry

  1. AD

    Sounds great. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting King’s Mountain, and I look forward to your description of it (as well as the other places you may write about).

  2. Michael Lynch

    King’s Mountain is well worth the trip. It’s a beautiful site, and the interpretation is top-notch. Plus, you’ve got a lot of other great spots nearby, so you can hit several battlefields in just a few days.


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