The History Channel wants your soul

Steven Anderson is pastor of a small independent church in Arizona.  He’s achieved a kind of online celebrity for his advocacy of proper posture while urinating, his explanation of first-century Middle Eastern pants-wearing, and his desire that President Obama would die of brain cancer.

Now Anderson has taken up one of my own pet peeves, the lack of history-related programming on The History Channel.  I’d assumed it was just a ratings thing, but evidently there is a far more sinister explanation.

They’re brainwashing us.  And Ted Turner, a noted minion of Satan, is somehow mixed up in it.

So I’ve started watching the first season of Ax Men backwards, and sure enough, I distinctly heard a voice telling me to read Origin of Species and then go stomp a puppy to death.

I’ve got a request for Rev. Anderson, on behalf of the rest of us Baptists: Could you either find another denomination or stop posting your sermons to YouTube?  Thanks.



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4 responses to “The History Channel wants your soul

  1. @ 0:08 This proves my thesis that the term “history buff” should not be considered a term of endearment…

    God help us.

  2. As a lapsed Baptist myself, I long ago gave up on the notion that people like Brother Steven would dial back the crazy. Ever. My grandmother had a saying about people like him — “he quit preachin’ and gone to meddlin’.”

    On a related note, what time does Ice Road Truckers come on tonight?

  3. Michael Lynch

    I’ve heard the “meddlin'” saying myself over the years, and it definitely applies in situations like this. Anderson’s YouTube channel has provided me with hours upon hours of free entertainment. Believe it or not, this was one of his more sensible moments. He really, REALLY hates modern Bible translations.


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