Sleeping with ghosts

Back in October I posted a review of Historic Brattonsville, a great site in York County, SC.  Over at the National Trust for Historic Preservation blog, there’s an interesting item concerning Brattonsville written by living historian Joseph McGill, Jr.  He’s found a way to combine reenacting with advocacy, drawing attention to one particular type of endangered structure—the slave cabin.

McGill travels throughout the Palmetto State, spending nights in original slave dwellings and using the ensuing publicity as an opportunity to explain why these buildings are important and need to be maintained.  He’s been chronicling his experiences at the National Trust blog; you can find the first post in his series here, along with links to related news stories.


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2 responses to “Sleeping with ghosts

  1. That is so cool! First time I’ve heard of something like this. I am only familiar with Historic Brattonsville because we had two historical interpreters come from there to take jobs at Island Farm, a new living history site located on Roanoke Island for which I prepared a historic furnishings plan. I’m actually an architectural historian/preservation professional by training, but I enjoyed dabbling in curatorial work and decorative arts for the Island Farm project. Your blog is great–adding it to my bloglist!

  2. Michael Lynch

    Thanks, Megan! I enjoyed Brattonsville a lot; I’m fascinated by the history of the early backcountry, so it was right up my alley.


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