The Tea Party

…is apparently good for business at Colonial Williamsburg.

Here’s my take: This is good news, whether the movement’s take on history is sound or not.  Folks are going to historic sites in order to engage the past so they can get inspiration for living in the present.  In the process, they’re getting exposed to aspects of the past that challenges as well as confirms, and hopefully they come away better informed.

Isn’t that why we do public history?


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2 responses to “The Tea Party

  1. Spot on. Whatever gets them in the door, or gates, so to speak. From there, it’s up to the museum to have an interpretation clear enough to break through misconceptions.

  2. Michael Lynch

    Yeah, I think it’s a very healthy thing. People are interested in the founding and it’s leading them to explore some first-rate public history institutions. Once they’re in the door, CW can do what they do best.


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