USA Today takes stock

…of the uproar surrounding the Civil War Sesquicentennial.  It’s not even April yet, and I’m already getting sick of this.


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2 responses to “USA Today takes stock

  1. Ron

    Thanks for the link. I am curious as to what you are sick of…there are so many things about the content of that article that drive me nuts as well, including the fact that the article itself sounds an exaggerated tone about the extent of national division in modern America. I just hope the general public doesn’t start grouping Civil War enthusiasts/amateur historians/buffs into a catch-all category of retrograde nullifiers and racists because of the few vocal people who populate such articles in the popular press!

  2. Michael Lynch

    The exclusive focus on these extreme divisions is mainly what tires me; as you say, I think they’re overstating the degree of controversy, which is mainly limited to a few marginalized groups.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your last statement. The last thing we need is for the general public to start identifying all people who have an interest in history with the few who have a warped, agenda-driven interpretation of it.


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