No casino in Gettysburg this time

Fantastic news from Pennsylvania—the state’s gaming control board rejected the proposal to open a casino near the battlefield at Gettysburg.  Hopefully we won’t have to go through round three in another few years.

This article has a few additional details.  The third paragraph—probably inadvertently—seems to frame the controversy as a straightforward battle between local residents on the one hand and “preservationists and historians” on the other. That wasn’t the case, but I expect that message boards and comboxes will be filled to bursting with remarks of that sort in the coming days.

Anyway, it’s welcome news.  Hats off to everybody who helped make it happen.


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2 responses to “No casino in Gettysburg this time

  1. Elaine McKnight

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am a member of the No Casino group in Gettysburg Pa. and we have been fighting this man David LeVan for 6 years. I certainly hope this time (was his 3rd try at a casino in Gettysburg) he “gets the message” that this is not the place.

  2. Michael Lynch

    Hi, Elaine. I was only aware of two attempts to put a casino in Gettysburg; I didn’t know this was the third round. Thanks for your work to help keep Gettysburg the way it is.


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