Plug for a new Lincoln blog

Allow me to direct your attention to a brand-new Lincoln blog where I’ll be posting regularly from now on in addition to my usual shenanigans here.

Lincoln Memorial University recently launched a new venture called the Abraham Lincoln Institute for the Study of Leadership and Public Policy.  Its goal is to provide a forum for Lincoln scholars to present their work, connect them with people who are interested in applying historical insights to present-day problems, and present the results of these efforts to the public.  The Institute has already inaugurated a lecture series and is collaborating with other institutions on a variety of projects to increase understanding of Lincoln and his legacy.

Dr. Charles Hubbard, who is the Institute’s first executive director, is also a former boss and professor of mine who’s developed an interest in online media as a venue for public history.  He’s allowed me to collaborate with him in setting up and maintaining a blog for the Institute, which you can access at the following address:  I’ll be blogging there on a regular basis, and we’ll also have guest posts from Lincoln scholars popping up from time to time.

We’ll be exploring developments in Lincoln historiography and public history, providing updates on Lincoln-related happenings at LMU, posting interviews with historians who specialize in Lincoln and the Civil War, and highlighting material from the collections of LMU’s Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum.

If you read history blogs, I hope you’ll either subscribe to the new site via e-mail or make it one of your regular online stops.  And if you’re a history blogger, I hope you’ll add it to your blogroll and let your readers know about it.

I’ll still be blogging here at Past in the Present as usual, too.  Since the other site is an institutional blog, though, I’ll be trying to act a little more professional over there.  (No Dark Knight clips, in other words.)  And it should probably go without saying that whatever views I express over here at my personal blog are mine alone, and not those of LMU, the Institute, Dr. Hubbard, or anyone else, but I’ll say it anyway.

I’ll see you there.  (And here too, I hope.)


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