No more Rebel uniforms for Xbox Live users

Not even video gamers can escape the heritage wars:

Microsoft removed a Confederate soldier’s uniform and cap from an Xbox Live avatar items collection, following complaints from users about what the symbols represent.

The gray uniform and cap, recognizably symbols of the American Confederacy, went on sale in an “American History” collection that featured Revolutionary War-era garb, fireworks, and an Abe Lincoln stovepipe hat and beard.

Incidentally, two British army Revolutionary War items, a redcoat uniform and cap, also were removed.

But he’s so darn cute!  

Image from Kotaku

If you were standing behind the stone wall at Cemetery Ridge and this little guy came charging at you, wouldn’t you be tempted to pat him on the head and give him a big hug?

Wonder why they pulled the Redcoat gear.  Maybe somebody from Boston or the Carolina upcountry sent a strongly-worded letter.

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