Watergate neither important nor historic subject, says commentator

Out of the realm of online punditry comes this tirade from Debbie Schlussel over the placing of a historical marker at the parking garage where Deep Throat met with Bob Woodward.  She doesn’t think the spot is worth it.

“It’s just not important, nor is it history, even in the most elastic use of the word,” she writes, thus establishing once and for all the fact that the downfall of a sitting U.S. president really isn’t that big of a deal.

After all, it “contributed nothing to America and the survival of the West.”  See, you can’t interpret or commemorate historical events without glorifying them, so the only aspects of the past we should be marking are the ones that elevate our collective sense of general worthiness.  We seem to be having a hard time keeping that straight, don’t we?



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2 responses to “Watergate neither important nor historic subject, says commentator

  1. Rob

    History and its “worthiness” is, and always will be, subjective….left to the eye of the beholder. I for one think it would be very cool to check out that location. Schlussel would also presume to tell others that their taste in art and music is not appropriate. But then again, I cannot pass any historical marker without stopping and finding it completely fascinating. It is no doubt a genetic thing; and the very reason I find this site and Mr. Lynch’s posts worthy of a Pulitzer.

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