I can has history?

I found a website that lets you write captions for image macros, so I decided it was high time us history junkies jumped on the Internet meme bandwagon.  

If you’ve never heard of such phenomena as Ceiling Cat or Philosoraptor, then you probably won’t get any of this.  Serves you right for not wasting enough time online.




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7 responses to “I can has history?

  1. “Y U no take the high ground”….Almost spit out coffee on that one. Brilliant.

  2. I always enjoy your sense of humor. I got a good laugh from your philosoraptor entry. Others were very good, too.

    • Michael Lynch

      Thanks, Adam. The original story behind the “Cooks Regiment” was funnier than anything I’d ever be able to come up with on my own. Truth is stranger than fiction in the world of Internet history.


  3. Have you seen the History Major Heraldic Beast meme? I’ve enjoyed several of them: http://memegenerator.net/History-Major-Heraldic-Beast

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