Random.org has spoken

The winner of the Harold Holzer book is Simon M., who picked a very round number (1000) pretty close to the one generated by Random.org.

You know, I’d always assumed that one random number was as good as any, but Random.org assures me that it generates “true random numbers,” as opposed to “the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.” You can therefore rest assured that the numbers used to determine winners of this blog’s book giveaways are as random as possible, spat forth from the gaping maw of an implacable digital entity who probably looks like the MCP from Tron.

We had more entries for this giveaway than the last one, so thanks to everybody who participated.



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2 responses to “Random.org has spoken

  1. Tom Verenna

    Sort of ashamed I am just finding out about this blog. Thanks for the work. I’ll add you to my own blogroll at http://historyandancestry.wordpress.com/. If you know of other American History blogs that you think should be added, please let me know!


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