High-water mark of the Sesquicentennial

I followed Robert Moore’s suggestion and watched the commemorative Pickett’s Charge march via the Codori Barn webcam this afternoon.  USA Today says about 1,000 people participated.  At most, that’s only around one-twelfth the number of men who made the attack, but it was still pretty neat to watch such a large crowd moving across that ground.  The webcam has a mic, too, so there were plenty of Rebel yells to accompany the visuals.

If you didn’t get to watch it live, you can still see an archived replay and some still shots at the Codori webcam site.



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3 responses to “High-water mark of the Sesquicentennial

  1. Pretty sure USA Today was off on the number that participated in the commemorative march. May have been 1,000 alone in the Armistead group.

    • Michael Lynch

      I thought it looked like more, too, when I was watching it. The paper’s estimate might have been off.

  2. I was there yesterday, at the commemorative march (on the Union side at the High Water Marker). Even with fewer people, it was an impressive sight, to see all of those people streaming toward us, shouting. The only thing that ruined the effect a little was that they had to walked in a column in a column instead of a wide-spread row (presumably because they weren’t allowed to climb the fences and had to go through the narrow opening at Emmitsburg Road). The playing of Taps-in-the-round, echoing down the field, was chilling. All-in-all, it was a terrific experience. I’ll have to find it online.

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