Glenn Beck presents a history exhibit

Glenn Beck hosted an exhibit of historical artifacts called the “Independence Through History Museum” at the Grand American Hotel in Salt Lake City over the July 4th weekend.  The museum was only one part of Beck’s “Man in the Moon” event, which included conferences, lectures, and a live performance that (as far as I can determine) was an attempt to combine historical pageantry with Cirque du Soleil.

More info here and here.  Note that the exhibit featured Arnold Friberg’s painting of Washington praying in the snow at Valley Forge.  Since it’s doubtful the incident in the painting ever happened, it’s highly fitting that David Barton helped select the items to be displayed.


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3 responses to “Glenn Beck presents a history exhibit

  1. What do you expect of people that interpret history as they want it to have happened instead of as it actually happened? Glenn Beck and David Barton are liars. They deliberately lie about the past in order to create a fictitious past that supports their ideology and then cash in on it with people who are too lazy to find out what really went on.

  2. Martha

    I am not sure how the prayer books of Napoloeon and Marie Antoinette have the first thing to do with our history, and also bewildered on how we learn from Charles Manson’s shotgun. Sounds like they had a hodge-podge of items and came up with a weak “theme.” How did he get some of those artifacts, anyway? I’m curious to know more.

    • Michael Lynch

      Some of them came from a private collection, and I think Beck has been acquiring material of his own. You’re right about the exhibit lacking a theme; there doesn’t seem to have been any interpretation. It was apparently just an assemblage of really neat items.

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