Access the Lincoln Herald online

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Readers and researchers can now access back issues of The Lincoln Herald online, thanks to an ongoing archival effort at the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum of Lincoln Memorial University.  Some of the most recent issues have been uploaded, and are available by clicking here or at the “Publications” tab on the museum’s website.

The Herald is a publication of Lincoln Memorial University and is the longest-running journal devoted to the study of Abraham Lincoln.


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6 responses to “Access the Lincoln Herald online

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  2. Ashley S.

    Just curious if this is still in effect? Both links didn’t work and I am trying to access the “Lincoln Herald” to read an article. Thank you

    • Michael Lynch

      Do you have the reference for the article you need? I might be able to get you a PDF version.

      • Ashley S.

        Hi Michael,

        Yes, it was suggested to me by a Gettysburg expert because I mentioned how I am related to one of the two men in contention for firing first shots at Gettysburg. This was what he said to me:

        ” If you can find it, you might wish to read an article written by James McLean that analyzes the various claims; it was published in the Lincoln Herald in the spring of 1980 and is titled “The First Union Shot at Gettysburg.”

        I was going to attempt to contact the museum directly at some point, but if you’re able to find it for me, that would be great!

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