Carolina casting call

In a discussion about Turn, a fellow history blogger commented, “If I was king, I would create a series similar to HBO’s Band of Brothers based off John Buchanan’s The Road to Guilford Courthouse.”  

As a Southern Campaign guy, I would love to see something like this happen.  The expansive canvas of a cable miniseries is perfectly suited to tell the story of the war in the Carolinas.

For the past week, I’ve been wondering which actors could play the major roles. The only one I could come up with is James McAvoy for Patrick Ferguson.  McAvoy is Scottish, he’s close to the age Ferguson was in 1780, and I think he could convey something of Ferguson’s intelligence and determination.

Other than that, I’m stumped.  I tried to come up with a suitable Greene, Cornwallis, Morgan, Tarleton, Sumter, and Marion, but I’ve got nothing.

I thought especially hard about who might play Isaac Shelby and John Sevier. There aren’t many thirty-something American actors working today who could sell me on the notion that a regiment of unruly frontiersmen would follow them across the mountains and into a hail of musket balls. Something tells me the Overmountain Men wouldn’t have been too impressed with Channing Tatum or Hayden Christensen.

Help us out here, Gordon: Who could really bring Nolichucky Jack to life?

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6 responses to “Carolina casting call

  1. Hmm, intriguing idea. How about Michael Fassbender? Every movie I’ve seen with him in it is great, so I’d probably cast him in the role of Sevier in a heartbeat. Then again, if you cast James McAvoy in the role of Patrick Ferguson you’d just have another ‘X-Men’ movie. Still, Clooney and Pitt have been in enough movies together that it hasn’t hurt them at all. I say, “ACTION!”

  2. Theodore Roosevelt once claimed that “Sevier was a very handsome man; during his lifetime he was reputed the handsomest in Tennessee.” By that criteria, I imagine a number of Hollywood actors would fill the bill.

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  4. For Tarleton, how about either Mark Stone or Tom Hardy? Strong presence with the prerequisite prickishness to boot.

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