From the “Lincoln Was a Godless Communist” File

Because if there’s one thing a longtime Whig like Lincoln couldn’t stand, it was capitalism, right?

Religious right broadcaster Kevin Swanson agreed with one of his guests that Abraham Lincoln imposed socialism on the United States during the “war against the South” – more commonly known as the Civil War.

Swanson hosted neo-Confederate author Walter Kennedy last month on his radio program, reported Right Wing Watch, where the pair argued the Republican Party had been founded by “radical socialists and communists.”

“The Democrats, both Northern and Southerners, believed in limited government, and the Marxists hated that concept,” Kennedy said. “They wanted to do away with states’ rights and limited government so that they’d have one big all-powerful indivisible government that could force its will upon the American people.”

The broadcaster – who has argued the Disney hit movie “Frozen” was a satanic tool for indoctrinating girls to become lesbians — agreed with his guest, saying Lincoln and Mark Twain helped ruin the U.S. by replacing Southern slavery with socialist slavery.…

The author told Swanson that Lincoln had given a “big boost” to communism by winning the Civil War and then created a federal government that began an “incessant attack on religious values in America.”

“What Marxist dictator could ask for less?” Kennedy said. “All of these communists that have wormed their way into power, into powerful positions, they began to influence other people to pursue this objective of a big, indivisible government, and government supplants God as being sovereign.”



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3 responses to “From the “Lincoln Was a Godless Communist” File

  1. Jimmy Dick

    Did you catch where the Republican National Committee (RNC) condemned the new AP History course exams for not being patriotic enough? If you do a little digging you find Right Wing Watch right there pushing the RNC to do that. As for Kennedy, he is not a historian. He is a neo-confederate who writes some of the most polemic and utterly ignorant stuff there is. His books are nothing more than a waste of perfectly good toilet paper.

    It is interesting how these charges of communism, socialism, and marxism come up from this crowd. It just shows where they get their information from. It’s the same old group that supported the John Birch Society and went crazy over the idea of communism in the 50s. Also note these are mostly older people for the most part. These charges are meaningless to most people these days.

    • Michael Lynch

      I’ve been seeing some news stories about the AP uproar. Some people will never be satisfied with any kind of historical curriculum that includes anything besides old-fashioned platitudes.

    • The tendency to frame the events of 1861-65 with the mindset of red-baiting in the 1950s is indeed notable. It’s compelling, and I suspect in the Kennedys’ (and DiLorenzo’s) case it sells lots of books, mostly to people of a certain age. But it doesn’t reflect much effort or ability to explain the past on its own terms.

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