David Barton’s new TV gig

America’s favorite pseudohistorian now has his own show on the three-ring circus that is the Trinity Broadcasting Network.  That’s a formula for comedy gold—not as much as all that gilding on TBN’s sets, perhaps, but still quite a bit.

He’ll be in good company over there.  TBN evidently has a thing for self-appointed experts with dubious credentials.  One of their shows used to feature would-be creation scientist Carl Baugh, whose claims are so fatuous that even his fellow young Earth creationists have denounced him.

Barton’s apparent immunity from criticism never ceases to amaze me.  You’d think a guy who has been shown to be wrong as much as he has would eventually lose a little credibility.  I suppose when the criticism is coming from “a few dedicated liberal individuals,” you can afford to shrug it off.


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3 responses to “David Barton’s new TV gig

  1. . . . not as much as all that gilding on TBN’s sets, perhaps, but still quite a bit.

    That’s funny.

    Never understood why such ostentatious consumption would be part of televangelists’ brand. TBN is probably the worst of the lot, but lots of them are pretty open about their naked avarice. (Hello, Creflo Dollar!)

    Wouldn’t it have been fun to be there when Paul Crouch, Sr. got to the Pearly Gates and St. Peter explained to him the story of the rich man, the camel and needle?

    • Michael Lynch

      One of the quirks of that brand of theology is the idea that prosperity follows faith. To them, wealth signifies divine favor. Of course, this makes one wonder why they have to ask other people to send them money.

      • Yeah, I know. Joel Osteen and his Prosperity Gospel show are just up the road from me. Fun fact — his church is what used to be the Summit, the indoor arena for the (original) Houston Aeros back in the day.

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