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Lincoln’s Alive and Well in Galesburg

Knox College in Galesburg, IL was the site of the fifth Lincoln-Douglas debate and conferred an honorary degree to Lincoln in 1860.  Now it’s home to the Lincoln Studies Center, directed by two fine scholars, Rodney Davis and Douglas Wilson.  Knox is therefore the ideal place for a whole slew of events  to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the debates this year and the Lincoln bicentennial in ’09.

This weekend Knox is hosting the Lincoln Colloquium, with presentations by James McPherson, Allen Guelzo, and Garry Wills, among others.  The local paper has a story about it here.  Steven Wilson (A Novel Idea of History ) is headed up for the festivities and generously offered me the chance to tag along. 

I was hoping to head up to Galesburg, listen to the presentations, hobnob a little, and then return with a stack of signed books under one arm and an account for your edification and amusement under the other.  Then circumstances got in the way, so it looks like I’ll be spending the weekend closer to home.  Hopefully Steven will fill us in on the details when he gets back.


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