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In the midnight hour, babe

This month’s Civil War News has an interesting story involving the Rebel Yell.  You might be aware that there are a few old recordings of the yell by actual Confederate veterans.  (You can hear one of them on this website.)  Hearing it performed by a real Rebel is pretty cool, but it’s a far cry from hearing thousands of charging soldiers do it at once.  Thanks to the Museum of the Confederacy, you can now hear that, too.

The MOC has taken two authentic Rebel Yell recordings, adjusted them to create countless individual voices, and mixed them all together to simulate yells by hordes of charging soldiers, all the way up to “the entire Army of Northern Virginia.”  The results are available on a CD for your listening pleasure.

It’s a pretty nifty use of technology, and it gives me an idea.  Let’s mount huge speakers along the perimeter of every battlefield in the country, facing outward, and blast this sucker at full volume on the top of every hour.  You’d see a dramatic reduction in encroaching residential development.


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