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Tinkering with categories

I’d like to humbly direct your attention to a bit of housekeeping.  One of the interesting things about a blog is the fact that it’s organic.  It grows along with its writer, and as you feel your way through it, you’re able to go back and make adjustments from time to time.  I’ve found it necessary to make one now. 

For some time, I’ve had a “Museums” category that I think I’ve neglected a little.  Given my background in museums, I’d like to explore public history subjects more extensively, but it seems to me that the “Museums” heading is too narrow to encompass some of these topics, such as historic sites and preservation.  I’ve accordingly replaced it with the more inclusive “Museums and Historic Sites.”

I’ve also decided to eliminate the awkward “Battlefields” category.  It was a sort of catch-all heading for posts dealing with military history sites.  I’m re-assigning most of these posts to the new “Museums and Historic Sites” group, where they belong.  “Battlefields” posts that don’t fit there will remain under their other designations—American Revolution, Civil War, and so on.

I realize that most of you could’ve done without this explanation, but I’m rather obsessive-compulsive, and it sure made me feel better.


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