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You will believe a Taft can fly

My good friend Dustin, a longtime comic book aficionado and fellow sojourner on numerous historical road trips, leveled this challenge in a comment to my last post: “Extra Credit: combine Dr. Manhattan and William Howard Taft. Show your work.”

Fusing America’s 27th President with Watchmen‘s blue-skinned, nuclear-powered superhero is a tall order indeed.  A tall order, that is, for a lesser historical blogger than myself.  All I need is a picture of Taft and Microsoft’s Paint program, and then consider it done…


Washington, D.C.  1912.  During a top-secret experiment in a laboratory hidden beneath the Smithsonian, mild-mannered commander-in-chief William Howard Taft accidentally leaves his Twinkie behind in an atomic test chamber.  Rushing to retrieve it, he finds himself locked inside as the dreadful mechanisms switch on. . .

His body transformed in the ensuing firestorm, Taft is granted powers far beyond those of mortal heads of state.  Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s. . .



Tell the folks at HNN they can just go ahead and give me that Cliopatria Award now.

(Pre-lab accident Taft portrait from Wikimedia Commons)



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