Beck and Lillback stumble through Native American history

Some kind soul has posted video of Beck’s train wreck-like foray into Native American history (the subject of a lengthy tirade in my last post) to YouTube.

After delving into Pre-Columbian archaeology, Beck gets Peter Lillback’s take on colonial Indian-white interaction.  Lillback argues that the earliest English settlers got along swimmingly with the local tribes, a statement with which the Virginia Indians who ran afoul of the Jamestown colonists would probably take issue.  He also seems to believe that William Penn’s conciliatory Indian policies were something other than an aberration.

Anyway, here you go.  I hope you find it as stupefyingly appalling as I did.


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5 responses to “Beck and Lillback stumble through Native American history

  1. I have a blinding headache now. You should put a warning on that thing.

  2. Michael Lynch

    It’s a hoot, isn’t it? And this is the most-watched news program on cable TV.


  3. Glenn Beck has admitted he finds it necessary to stretch the truth to make a point. now he’s changing history to suit his warped views.

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