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Bait and switch

So I find an article on Wikipedia that lists the titles of upcoming films, and I decide to scroll through it:

Fim titles cap

Hey, are my eyes deceiving me, or do I see a movie called Bunker Hill on that list?  Could it be that Hollywood is going to give us its first major treatment of the Revolutionary War since The Patriot?

I head over to Internet Movie Database, that oracle of all film-related knowledge, only to receive a crushing disappointment:

“When former Wall Street executive Peter Salem is released from prison, he heads for the small town of Bunker Hill, Kansas, where his ex-wife and their children have started a new life. Soon after he arrives in town, all power is lost – there is no electricity, and cars and computers suddenly shut down. Community leaders are at a loss to explain….”

Swing and a miss.  Ah, but IMDB lists two projects titled Bunker Hill, one of which is being produced for television.  Perhaps this is another of those fine history-based TNT projects, along the lines of Andersonville, The Rough Riders, or Into the West?

“A Charlestown native returns to his hometown from serving in Afghanistan to join the Boston Police force like his father and brother before him. Now he must confront his mysterious past which includes his dead brother’s widow with whom he has very strong feelings….”

Curses, foiled again.  But at least they managed to set this one in Boston.

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