Women and fictional characters first

Some time ago we discussed the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN specifically (a) the nature of a Titanic Museum Attraction, as opposed to a plain old Titanic Museum or Titanic Attraction, and (b) its existence in Pigeon Forge, of all places.

Today a good friend of mine who works in broadcasting received a press release from the Titanic Museum Attraction and was kind enough to pass it along.  It states in part:

In James Cameron’s 1997 record-shattering movie “Titanic,” the character “Rose” – played by Kate Winslet – was the primary reason the movie is still regarded today as one of the most romantic films ever produced.  Titanic Museum Attraction’s own “Rose” will be making a special appearance in Pigeon Forge during Sweetheart Month.

Basically, they’re going to have someone on hand pretending to be the character from the movie.  It’s similar to those programs at non-attraction museums where you can chat with reenactors doing first-person Lincoln or Jefferson, except of course that Lincoln and Jefferson actually existed and neither of them (so far as I know) allowed Leonardo DiCaprio to draw him naked. 

The Museum Attraction also issues this invitation: “Celebrate your own love story with your Valentine on the Grand Staircase as you relive Rose’s on-screen Titanic romance.”  I might take them up on it.  It would be an appropriate venue for celebrating my love stories, a good many of which were catastrophes of a magnitude similar to the ship’s maiden voyage.

I think it’s safe to drop the “museum” and just stick with “attraction” now, guys.


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4 responses to “Women and fictional characters first

  1. Pigeon Forge: It’s Branson without the Music.

  2. Michael Lynch

    Or Orlando without the nice weather.


  3. Matt McKeon

    In Orlando they have a Titanic attraction as well. Its a venue where you can get married. Nothing says love like a sinking ship.

  4. Michael Lynch

    Yeah, from what I hear, the one in Orlando is independent of the ones in Branson and Pigeon Forge, which are owned by the same outfit.


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