Is the Stockbridge Massacre site a good place for a dog run?

No, it isn’t.  But they might put one there anyway.

The proximity of a proposed dog run in Van Cortlandt Park to the site of a Revolutionary War massacre has sparked criticism from a group of Bronx historians.

The dog run — set to be built in the park’s Northeast Forest section — will replace the current makeshift dog run that occupies a space approximately 50 feet to the north of a memorial commemorating the site of the Stockbridge Indian Massacre of 1778. Wording on the memorial states that during the battle, British troops killed 17 Stockbridge Native Americans allied with Revolutionary soldiers, though historians say that enlistment records and reports from those who fled put the number closer to 40.

Members of the Kingsbridge Historical Society (KHS) liken the placement to putting a dog run next to the Vietnam Memorial or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

As if this whole proposal wasn’t cringe-worthy enough already, let me add that the bodies of the men killed that day were scavenged by dogs before being buried in a common grave.  Yeah.  Really not the most appropriate place for a canine playground, is it?

On a side note, a Hessian officer who saw the bodies of the Stockbridge militiamen killed in the attack produced this image of their clothing and arms, giving us a firsthand glimpse of these Patriot-allied Indians.  Note that he’s carrying a bow and arrows as well as a musket.


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4 responses to “Is the Stockbridge Massacre site a good place for a dog run?

  1. Thank you for your support. Thomas X. Casey Secty, Kingsbridge Historical Society

    • Robert Wong

      Dear Mr.Casey,
      I have had a interest in the contribution of the Stockbridge Indians to the American Revolution. The Civil War Trust (CWT) just announced as part of its mission is to preserve land related to the American Revolution. I strongly recommend that you contact Mr. Lighthizer, the president of the CWT, to see if you can get an support in your fight to prevent the dog run being on sacred ground.
      Bob W.

  2. John Santos

    Wow…..the disrespect we have for the people who helped us get our independence.

  3. I agree… and I can not get one politician to just send a letter to the parks department expressing their concern. They just want to spend $500,000 for it. Or should I say…. They want to kickback to a friend $500,000 to build it.

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